Full-Circle Concierge Service

Complete your estate plan by giving your family the gift of getting their full benefits. If you’ve lost a loved one, let us help! We will help you make the necessary notifications to make sure that you are receiving the correct payments and stop unnecessary ones, set up fraud protection, and so much more! Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We can help you now, if a loved one has passed away, or you can choose to protect your estate!

Get Started Today. Choose Your Preferred Payment Term.

We introduce the importance of pre-planning as we teach the survivor ways to protect their own estate. On average 45% to 70% of families say they want to learn more. Our service saves families’ hours of time. What typically takes months, we can help do in a fraction of that time.

Full Payment Upfront – $499

3-Month Payment – $166.33/month

6-Month Payment – $83.17/month