Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Full-Circle Aftercare?

Most people have never gone through the process of wrapping up estate issues before. Even if you have, this is not your area of expertise. Fact of the matter is this process can be both difficult and complex. In a recent audit of social security they found that 82% of widows were not receiving their full Social Security spousal benefits. That is because nobody was helping them claim that benefit. The other aspect that makes this process difficult is the grief factor. Nobody wants to pick up the phone and wait on hold for and hour while they are grieving. This is why the average family takes over six months to feel like they have wrapped everything up.

On the other hand, we do this every day. We know who to call and what to say. We are not grieving so it is easy for us to work with pushy government or financial institution employees. Our average family can have everything done in under two hours. Not only are we saving time but we make sure you aren’t missing anything.

What type of service can I expect?

Our services are over the phone in a three way conference call. We will ask various questions to make sure we aren’t missing anything. Then we will put together a next steps game plan. We will complete that game plan by making the necessary notifications, closing accounts, claiming benefits, changing beneficiaries and protecting the estate.

What are the costs?

$299 flat rate unless paid for by a preferred provider…. and NO we will never tack on any extra fees or charges. If we are not able to help you then we will refund the fee

Do I need this service if I already have an attorney?

Yes. In fact many law firms across use our services in conjunction with their services. We are not attorneys and we are not trying to be. At the same time most of our services are dealing with issues that an attorney won’t do for you like canceling a utility bill. If an attorney was willing to do all the services included in our aftercare service their bill would be astronomical. We work very well with attorneys. Our service complements their services. Neither service replaces the other.

Can I start your service if I don’t have my death certificates yet?

Yes, most of the notifications and processes can be started before death certificates arrive. That way by the time they do arrive you have all the right paperwork to send in with the death certificate.

How do you protect the personal information?

We never store, keep, use or sell personal information. Everything we talk to you about is written on a paper form. As soon as the phone call is finished the form is shredded. There is nothing stored electronically or physically that someone could steal or hack. We additionally will set up one year of fraud protection so nobody else can misuse your personal information. One of the reasons we created this service was so that families did not give personal information to the wrong person. Our mission is to keep your information as secure as possible.

Helping You is Our Mission

Professional, Trustworthy, and Understanding.


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