There’s a lot to do after the loss of a loved one

We Can Help

We handle the complexities of settling personal and estate matters

Losing a loved one isn’t easy. The pain is compounded by dealing with the stress and worry of wrapping up the estate issues and notifications. We take care of the necessary tasks for you, so you can mourn with your family and friends without having to worry about things being overlooked.



Our Estate Specialists are professional and approachable, here to assist you every step of the way.



We have helped thousands of families after the death of a loved one.



We empathize with each families’ unique situation and take our time make them feel comfortable.

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Our Process

Valuable Information

We help you understand how things will change and what the next steps will be.

Personalized Plan

We will address: What needs to be done? Who needs to be contacted? How will your benefits be affected? Do you need an attorney or tax advisor?


We help you make the official notification of death to necessary government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, etc. We will do all the talking for you so you don’t have to worry about knowing who to call or what to say.

Claim Benefits

We make sure you won’t miss out on any of your benefits. We are experts in helping you get what you are entitled to from institutions like Social Security, Pension companies, Insurance and so forth.

Protect Estate

We protect you by stopping junk mail, blocking solicitors, updating the deceased registry, cancelling memberships/subscriptions, and setting fraud protection for 1 year.

We Can Help

Ready to lend a hand.

“I appreciated having someone take over and make the notification calls for me.

– David H.

“They took us by the hand and made it easy.”

– Shannon Q.

“Taking care of all the estate things can be very confusing and I appreciated the information and help I received. Everything was done very well and handled in a caring way.”

– Beverly N.

“This service was awesome! Thank you!”

– Gracie Gonzalez

“The Aftercare service was very helpful in taking care of the most important and stressful things like Social Security, Medicare and the VA”

– Gwendolyn S.

“You have made this so much easier for me. Thank you for changing the beneficiaries on my accounts. I didn’t think about that. I sure appreciate your help!”

– Melody T

Helping You is Our Mission

Professional, Trustworthy, and Understanding.


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